From Toronto, With Love

Hello my friend! My name is Shawn Jason. I live in Toronto, Canada and am the creator of this crazy little thing called iloveyoupassiton. This project was born from a desire to see a kinder, gentler world.

We all know that our thoughts and words are influential. We also know that what we focus on is what we create more of in this world. With this in mind I printed up a bunch of shirts that said “I LOVE YOU, PASS IT ON” and asked my friends to buy them and wear them. Well they did, and they loved them!

Actually it turns out a LOT of people really love these love shirts! Many of my friends bought them, then their friends started wanting these shirts too and it didn’t take long until I had sold 2000 love shirts & hoodies to warm souls all around the world!

Love Cards Too

I also printed up some business cards that say “I Love You Pass It On” and those too have been a big hit. So far nearly 150,000 love cards have been mailed to 650+ communities worldwide. People really enjoy passing out and receiving these little love notes. See the map on the front page to see all the communities these love cards have been sprinkled around in.


The main purpose of this project is to assist in creating a more peaceful & loving world by inspiring humanity to be more kind & compassionate.


Giving back…

All sales support iloveyoupassiton’s Good Deeds Fund which is used to help the homeless, the hungry & the less fortunate, here at home in Toronto and around the world too. 10% from every sale gets put into this fund. So far this project has raised over $6k which has been used to show love to those who need it in Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa & Tanzania.

Join the movement!

I invite you to join this mission of uplifting the world with love.

How might you be able to help this project grow and touch humanity in positive ways? Wear the love shirts. Give out the love cards. Share our blog posts and youtube videos. Spread the word about this project. Anything you can do to help this project grow is truly appreciated!

This project is nothing more than an idea without the love & support of so many warm souls like you all around the world. I am humbled & grateful to know there are so many kind, caring souls in the world. Thank you.


In a world with so much anger, fear, division & separation, I hope this project will help humanity become a little more kind, peaceful and loving. We really are just one big earth family, so please world, be kind to one another! – Shawn Jason


I Love You. Pass it on.


Classic Cotton Unisex Love Shirt (Signature Design)

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Heathered Unisex Love Shirts (Signature Design)

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These shirts are soft, lightweight and durable too. The premuim 50/50 material gives these shirts that ever popular vintage / retro look. Wrap yourself in love and share it with the world!

Ladies Scoopneck Love Shirts (Signature Design)

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A favorite style with many ladies, these scoop neck tees are flattering, stylish & super comfy too! Made with soft, 100% cotton featuring a bright, elegant print. Such a simple way to share more love with the world!

Champion Brand Love Hoodies (Signature Design)

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It doesn't get any sweeter than this! Champion brand quality combined with vibes of love is sure to make this hoodie your new favorite for many years to come. Go forth and BE LOVE my friend! The world needs you.