How To Easily Share Love With Everyone You Meet [Yes, Strangers Included]

How To Easily Share Love With Everyone You Meet, Yes, Including Strangers Too 

You believe in the power of love, right? Of course, or you would not likely have landed on this page. And you love to share your love with others, right? Of course. But doing that is hard. I mean, how does one walk around saying "I Love You" to everyone they encounter without most people thinking they are a complete nut?

Well, that's where ILOVEYOUPASSITON comes into play. This project was created to provide people with the tools and inspiration they need to get out and share their love with everyone. Yes, including strangers!

The wonderful lass in the video above found one of our love cards on the DC Metro and right away she knew what to do. She passed on the card to the next person she saw, then she reached out to us to get more cards of her own. This is how we met Vivian.

Vivian is from Germany and spent a year in America as an au pair. For those who don't know, an au pair, as google defines it is;

Au Pair - a young foreign person, typically a woman, who helps with housework or child care in exchange for room and board.

When Vivian reached out and asked if she could make a video for her video blog about iloveyoupassiton, we happily agreed and sent her some love merch. She absolutely loved the goodies and this video shows us how she put them to good use.

Thank you Vivian! We love you. Keep on passing it on.

The World Really Needs Your Love

We encourage you to get some love merch for yourself and show us how YOU put the items to good use.

Use our contact form to reach out or connect with us in our facebook group to see many more examples of the shirts and cards in action from people all around the world.

Thank you. I Love you.

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