Darius McCrary Looking Fabulous In One Of Our Love Shirts!

Actor & Singer Darius McCrary

Love, love, LOVE seeing this! Here are a few pics of Darius McCrary looking fabulous in one of our love shirts 🙂

DARIUS McCRARY is a well known household name, a multi-talented Entertainer, who has been in the industry since 1987. He is best known for his roles as “Eddie Winslow” on Family Matters, “Malcom Winters” on The Young and The Restless, and “Donovan” on Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management. Throughout his career, Darius has made a multitude of guest appearances, and held roles in countless big screen movies and TV shows.

When his manager reached out to say he loves what we’re doing and asked if we would send Darius a shirt so he could get a couple photos for us, we were happy to oblige. Here are the pics we’ve received so far.

Big thanks Darius & VZ!

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