Get Free Love Swag!

We are excited to announce that this new version of our website includes ways that anyone can earn points/hearts which can be used to purchase goodies from our store. Now you can get free love cards & free love shirts just for being an active member of our website.

10 ways to earn hearts…

250 hearts – become a registered member of our website (1 time only)
150 hearts – upload a profile picture (1 time only)
50 hearts – upload a profile cover photo (1 time only)
100 hearts – add a new post to our website (max 2 per week)
10 hearts – for visiting our website (max 1 time per day)
1 heart – vote on a post (1 time per post / unlimited posts)
2 hearts – view a post • (max 10 posts per week)
3 hearts – view a product • (max 10 products per week)
4 hearts – comment on a post (1 time per post / max 5 posts per day)
75 hearts – leave a product review (max 4 reviews per month)

BONUS: For those who add posts to our website which receive a lot of positive attention, comments, shares, etc., additional gifts and perks will be offered in thanks.