How To Help The Movement Move

Many people all around the world absolutely love what they see in this project and want to know how they can get involved to help it grow, flourish and be the best it can be. That, my friends, is the energy which makes a movement move. Thank you so much!

The power to affect big change in this world is in the people. This project is simply a tool to help us create a more peaceful & loving world. I am humbled and grateful for all the love & support you have shown this project, and for all the love you share with the world in so many different ways. Thank you. I Love you. Let’s keep it moving 🙂

There are 5 main ways that pretty much anyone can get involved.

Wear the shirts & give out cards

Simple, elegant tools for making it easier to share love with everyone we encounter. Become a walking billboard of love with our love shirts & sprinkle love everywhere you go with our love cards. An easy way to help create a more peaceful & loving world!

Browse the full shop here.

Plus, every purchase made on our site supports the Good Deeds Fund which is used to help the homeless, the hungry & the less fortunate!

Create content for this site

We invite artists, video creators, photographers, writers and more to add uplifting, positive content to our website. Anything which helps lean humanity toward a more peaceful and loving existence is welcomed.

We especially love seeing posts which include pictures, videos & stories about iloveyoupassiton shirts and cards in action all around the world. Show your creativity, tell us where in the world you are, and tag your post with #iloveyoupassiton.

See the “ADD POST” button up top?
(It’s in the menu for mobile)
Press that and add your awesomeness to this site!
Thank you.

NOTE: We’ll even reward accepted posts with hearts which can be traded in for shirts and cards from our online store!

(Public ‘add post’ is a new feature being tested and during this phase we reserve the right to accept, or not, any post submitted here.)

Join and interact with our website

Will you help our website become more active and reach more people? Your help will be very much appreciated and rewarded too!

Register for free and immediately begin earning hearts for interacting with the content on this website. You’ll get a head start toward great rewards with a whopping 250 bonus hearts just for registering.

See this page for all the ways you will earn hearts and get free love swag!

Share our posts, videos, pictures, etc.

Likes, comments & shares are much more powerful and helpful than most people realize. An idea or a movement can travel the world in the blink of an eye through the power of people combined with social media.

It is such a simple, cost free way to help this, or any project you love and appreciate.

Leave comments & share the posts, pages & products you find on our website. Follow our social media pages and interact with your favorite posts there too. Your help in this way is greatly appreciated.

Be kind to one another

The main purpose of this project is to inspire a more kind, gentle, compassionate world. You don’t buy our gear or get involved with this project directly to be of assistance. Every time you share a smile, or a kind word, or a couple dollars with someone less fortunate, you are sharing love, and that IS helpful to mission of this project. Your love & kindness is deeply appreciated and very much needed. Thank you.

Please world… be kind to one another. We really are just one big earth family. – iloveyoupassiton

Have a large following? Special collaboration arrangements are offered to those with large social media reach. If you love what you see in this project and you would like to explore possibilities, please contact us.

If you have other thoughts or ideas on how you would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to send a message to introduce yourself and give us an idea of what you are thinking.