The Love Epidemic [MAP] Has Your Community Been Affected?

500 communities around the world and growing

A Love Epidemic?

Have you seen these love cards? Has someone handed you one yet? These cards are part of a growing wave of love that is washing across the entire planet like a great big, warm, squishy hug!

There are now 100,000 of these love cards in close to 500 communities worldwide!

Is your community on the map?

Every time a pack of our love cards are mailed out, a heart pin goes on the map for the receivers postal/zip code. Represent your community by getting a heart pin on this map and sprinkle these little love cards into your local reality too.

Our love cards are fantastic tools for making it easy to share love with just about anyone. Hand them to people directly or leave them behind where someone else will find them and smile.

It’s about uplifting humanity in the name of peace, kindness & love. Are you all about that too? Will you help this mission and get some love cards?

The Story in Short

It started small in the summer of 2016 with a box of 5000 love cards and 100 love shirts. Those shirts and cards quickly dispersed into the city of Toronto, Canada, which has been identified as the epicenter of the outbreak.

From there, these cards have spread into hundreds of cities & towns and into the hands & hearts of over 100,000 people around the world… and growing!

Authorities say this is only the beginning! Some predictions indicate this love epidemic could reach as many as 100 million people worldwide by the end of this decade.

“It has become clear that humanity is ready to embrace a brighter, more loving and peaceful world as more and more people step up to do their part in making that collective vision a reality.”

Order some love cards today.
Kick it up a few notches by wearing our love shirts too!

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Please world... be kind to one another. We really are just one big earth family! Thank you. I Love You. Pass it on.

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