5 Simple Ways To Make A Difference In This Project & In The World

You make a difference!

Iloveyoupassiton is growing because of people like you!

This project is growing because an idea is ready to bloom. The idea of the world coexisting in peace, love & harmony is gaining momentum. We are becoming weary of our old ways and we know it is time to create new.

Here at iloveyoupassiton we are focused on creating a better world by providing tools which help people share love more easily with anyone and everyone. Our love shirts & love cards are excellent examples of simple ways to boost everyone you encounter with a dose of good vibes.

Additionally, a portion of every sale made on our website and in person is put into the Good Deeds Fund which is used to help the homeless, the hungry & the less fortunate. Your love and support of this project is greatly appreciated.

Here are 5 simple ways to make a difference in this project, and in the world.


WEAR: Love Shirts

All our shirts, hoodies and other clothing are imbued with messages of peace and love and are fantastic tools for spreading more good vibes into your community and into your reality. GO >>


GIVE: Love Cards

A little more pro-active, our love cards are a whole lot of fun to give away. They bring many warm reactions, interactions & plenty of smiles. They are also great to leave behind in places where someone else will find them and smile. GO >>


SHARE: Love Posts

Likes, shares and comments are all far more helpful than most people realize, so please do so often. Love only spreads when it is shared so visit our blog and share your favorite posts. GO >>


CREATE: Love Content

We love to see our shirts and cards in action all around the world and invite everyone to send us their pictures, videos & stories. We also invite any other posts which help inspire a more peaceful and loving world. GO >>


EARN: Love Swag

Earn free love swag by posting and interacting with this website. Many actions on our website give hearts as a reward. Hearts can then be used to make purchases in our online shop. This is a great way to get free shirts and cards and it also helps make the website more active. GO >>


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Please world... be kind to one another. We really are just one big earth family! Thank you. I Love You. Pass it on.

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