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Because The World Needs Your Love

Donating To Charity | How Your Purchases Are Helping Others

5% Donated To Charity

We're passionate about helping this world be a more peaceful & loving place for all and assisting organizations who align with our vision is important to us. That's why, as of July 1st 2019, 5% of every purchase on our website is being donated directly to one of our favorite charities (at no extra cost to you). As a customer you will get to choose during the checkout process which of our 5 favorite charities your purchase supports. Here are the current charities that can be selected:

Covenant House (help homeless youth)
Care (give care packages)
One Tree Planted (plant trees)
Oceana (protect the oceans)
Four Paws International (save animals)

Watch this page for monthly reports of how much each charity receives because of your purchases on ILOVEYOUPASSITON.

The Good Deeds Fund

Additionally, since this project began, a portion of every sale has been used to help the homeless, the hungry & the less fortunate. We will continue to do this. Helping others who are in need helps create a more inclusive, compassionate, loving world and it's something we are passionate about.

Below are a few videos from our YouTube channel that highlight some of the ways we help others. Please note, these videos are not intended to 'show off', rather, they are intended to inspire more people into taking more action! As well, science shows that even just observing an act of kindness gives a boost of feel good chemicals. So soak it up, feel good and pass it on. I Love you.

 And Let's Not Forget...

Every time you wear one of our love shirts, and every time you pass out our love cards, you are helping the world become a little more kind, loving and peaceful. The shirts and cards also help YOU remember to stay focused on love, and that is a beautiful thing. The world needs your love. The world needs YOU. Thank you for being you and for being of love.