The Sweet Homeless Man With A Message To Be Heard

Our whole crew fell in love with this man

Sweet Homeless Man

People living on the streets are just like everyone else in that they each have their own unique personality, story & vibe. While we love to help anyone in need, sometimes we meet someone who really touches our hearts, and this man did just that.

His name is Michael. When we approached Michael in the park with a care package to offer him, we had no idea that our entire crew would soon be shedding tears.

When we asked if he would like to share some words of wisdom with the world, he seemed pleasantly surprised that someone wanted his input and he was happy to share this simple message for all to hear…

“Take care in the choices that you make in life”

We hung out for close to an hour chatting with Michael. He shared with us that it only took a few bad decisions to land himself in the situation he was in. He lost his family, his house, his jobs & his health all quite quickly and all because of a few poor choices.

We like to think we are safe & secure in our jobs and with our families and with life in general, but these lives we build are usually quite fragile. A few bad choices can bring it all crashing down, and sometimes it can happen so fast.

This seemed to have been the case with Michael. He is a decent man, was a working man & a family man who landed himself in a bad situation after a few bad choices, leaving him in a wheelchair with pretty much nothing. The pain he felt inside could be seen & felt and it broke our hearts.

A lot of people think that most homeless people are drunks and junkies, but in our experience, this is not the truth in most cases. Most of the individuals we have met are just like you and I. The big difference is that they made a few poor choices and they didn’t have the support system of family and friends to help them back on their feet.

Have you ever fell upon hard times and your family or friends helped bail you out? What would have happened if those people were not there for you? Would you have been back on your feet as quickly as you did or might you have ended up in a homeless shelter, relying on free meals and handouts from churches and other organizations?

Please, the next time you see a homeless person, consider doing a little something nice for them. Give them a few dollars, buy them a meal or simply give them a warm, genuine smile and some encouraging words. Even just spending some time talking with them and hearing their story can be so uplifting since often times they feel unwanted, as though nobody cares.

Show them you do care. Show them they are important. Show them some love.

Please world… be kind to one another. We really are just one big earth family!

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Please world... be kind to one another. We really are just one big earth family! Thank you. I Love You. Pass it on.

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