Every time someone orders love cards to sprinkle around their community, a heart gets pinned on this map for their postal / zip code.


Every purchase made from our shop supports the Good Deeds Fund which is used to help inspire a more kind, loving & peaceful world. With your help we have raised over $5000 and have directly touched the lives of 100’s of homeless, hungry, less fortunate souls.

Your continued love & support is valued & appreciated!



“We gave out almost 300 love cards at Red Rocks tonight!!!! I wish I could explain to you how much love I feel giving them out! The response is epic.”
Ashlea Allen | New Mexico, USA


“I love iloveyoupassiton because they remain so consistent in their message of love and the important work they do to help people heal, grow, and evolve into more loving beings.”
Evan Hirsch | California, USA


“I ADORE people who make the world a better, happier place. These people are magical as f*ck and my friend Shawn Jason is one of these people.”
Sydney Spies | Amsterdam, NL

“Please world… be kind to one another. We really are just one big earth family!”