Represent Love! Order our love cards to sprinkle around your community and get a heart pinned for your zip / postal code.



The purpose of this project is to assist humanity in creating a more peaceful & loving world for all. We provide practical tools and inspiration intended to make it easier to share love and kindness with everyone while reminding people that we really are just one big earth family.

Join the movement. Get our love shirts, get our love cards and use your love to help change the world. You really can and DO make a difference!

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Thank you. I love you.


50 Love Cards With FREE Worldwide Shipping

Rated 5.00 out of 5
$5.00 USD
Give Love. Get Love. Be Love. Offered in packs of 50, these business card sized love notes feel great to give out and people really love receiving them too! Such a simple way to share more love. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS FREE! • 1 pack (50 cards) $5.00 • 5 packs (250 cards) $15.00 • 20 packs (1000 cards) $45.00 Discounts are automatically applied when any 5 or 20 packs of our love cards, stickers or magnets are added to cart.

Classic Cotton Unisex Love Shirt (Signature Design)

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$20.00 USD
Give Love. Get Love. Be Love. You are sure to look fabulous and feel it too in this unisex, classic cotton tee printed with our signature design. Such a simple way to boost your community with more vibes of love.

Ladies Scoopneck Love Shirts (Signature Design)

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$28.00 USD
A favorite style with many ladies, these scoop neck tees are flattering, stylish & super comfy too! Made with soft, 100% cotton featuring a bright, elegant print. Such a simple way to share more love with the world!

Love Hoodies 50/50 Heavy Blend (Signature Design)

$39.00 USD
The cool weather won't dampen your warmth & love. Wrap up in one of our love hoodies, stay warm, and let your love shine everywhere you go! Available in sizes up to 5XL, these make great gifts!

“We gave out almost 300 love cards at Red Rocks tonight!!!! I wish I could explain to you how much love I feel giving them out! The response is epic.”
Ashlea Allen | New Mexico, USA

“I love iloveyoupassiton because they remain so consistent in their message of love and the important work they do to help people heal, grow, and evolve into more loving beings.”
Evan Hirsch | California, USA

“I ADORE people who make the world a better, happier place. These people are magical as f*ck and my friend Shawn Jason is one of these people.”
Sydney Spies | Amsterdam, NL

Watch The Good Deeds Fund In Action

10% of every purchase is put into the Good Deeds Fund which is used to help the homeless, the hungry and the less fortunate. It is also used to create projects & events which inspire a more kind, compassionate world. Your love & support is much needed and greatly appreciated!

“Please world… be kind to one another. We really are just one big earth family!”